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  • Biomagnetic Pair Technique
    If you are unable to schedule an appointment during the listed times, please email/text or call (802-498-7543) directly to schedule an appointment.  Appointment is on a sliding scale of $80 - $120.  Children are $30 - $45.
  • Practical Bio-Resonance
    Working with magnets, sound therapy, and what resonates with the body to clear and balance the entire body, and build the immune system, combating all disease.  The session charge is on a sliding scale of $80 to $120 per session.  Children are $30 to $45.
  • Animal Bio-Resonance
    This work uses a surrogate to treat animals for any disease and imbalance.  Animals heal almost immediately, especially with Lyme symptoms.  Please call 802-498-7543 or email for an appointment.  Session is on a sliding scale of $30 to $45.
  • ADAPT #816613
    ADAPT works epigenetically to revitalize the body's serotonin/melatonin needs.  Benefits include Improved Sleep, Mood Management, Brain Function, Boost Immune System, Improved Sexual Function, Skin Health, Relaxation, Fat Metabolism, and Anti-Aging, as well as Overall Balance WITHOUT any side effects.  Please call (802) 498-7543 for more information and to set up an appointment.



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